Introducing a new line of SG knives:  Bushcraft and Modified Bushcraft.  The Modified blades are a little longer than the standard Bushcraft.  Check them out and see if there is one you would like to add to your collection of “things that cut”!


First up is SG #21-194.  This is a Bush Craft with a 1095 blade, with file work on the spine.  Handle material is Blue and Black G-10 with a red spacer. Blade is 4″, with an overall length of 9″. Price is $175, plus shipping.

This is SG knife #21-197.  Steve calls this a “Modified Bush Craft.” It 1095 Steel that has been edge hardened and acid washed to bring out the temper line. This knife is full tang.  The handle is layered Black and Gray G10 with blue/red liners and mosaic pins. Comes with the new Goddard Multi-Carry Sheath.  Cost is $200 + shipping.

Close Up of the blade (21-197). Notice the heat treat line.

This knife is SG #21-193.  This is a Modified Bush Craft.  The blade is 8670 Steel with stone tumble/acid wash and a mustard finish. File work on the spine, for extra gripping power.  The handle is Green Micarta with a white liner and mosaic pins.  The sheath is the new Goddard multi-carry leather sheath.  You can carry it in multiple positions on your belt.  Cost is $200 + shipping.

Blade is stone tumbled and acid washed, with a mustard finish.

This is SG #21-192.  It is a Regular Bush Craft, made of 1095 steel blade with file work on the spine.  The handle is Lifer Burlap Micarta with mosaic pin accents.  The blade is 3 1/2″, with an overall length of 8 1/2″.  The cost is $175 plus shipping. Comes with leather sheath.

Close up of Lifer burlap micarta

Close up of spine with file work