Neck knives have long been a part of the Goddard Knife Works lineup.  Here is a sample of some of the knives available.

Small neck knives are a 2″ blade and approx 4 3/4″ overall length.  This knife is made of O1 steel and includes a leather neck sheath.  We include a length of paracord, but you can change it out to any color you like.  Price is $90 + shipping.

The Medium Neck Knife is also made of O1 steel and includes a leather sheath with paracord. Blade length is 2 3/4″, overall length is approx 6″. Cost is $100 + shipping.

Leather Neck Knife Sheath

The Large Neck Knife is made of O1 Steel.  The blade length is 3 1/4″, with an overall length of 7″.  The leather neck sheath is included, along with a length of paracord.  Cost of this model is $125 + shipping.