This is an SG Bolo knife.  It is number 19-131.  The blade is 5160 steel and the handle is Arizona Ironwood with mosaic pin.  The price is $350 plus shipping.

IMG_2488 (2)

IMG_2489 (2)

Closeup of blade on bolo #19-131

IMG_2490 (4)

Closeup of handle with Mosaic pin


Next up is #20-178.  This is also an SG creation.  It is a New York Fighter style camp knife.  The steel is 1095 that is edge hardened, with file work on the spine.  Handle is dyed stabilized Alder, a white spacer and Cocobolo.  Finished off with mosaic pins.  This is a style that Wayne Goddard created for many years.  Cost is $175 + shipping.

This is a large camp knife, created by SG.  Number is #19-145.  The steel is 1060.  The handle is ironwood burl with mosaic pin and a thong hole to add a lanyard of your choice.  Note the beautiful swirls in the wood.