This is an SG Bolo knife.  It is number 19-131.  The blade is 5160 steel and the handle is Arizona Ironwood with mosaic pin.  The price is $350 plus shipping.

IMG_2488 (2)

IMG_2489 (2)

Closeup of blade on bolo #19-131

IMG_2490 (4)

Closeup of handle with Mosaic pin


This is SG #19-133, a traditional Camp Knife with a 5160 blade.  Sporting a mustard finish to make the blade rust resistant with proper care.  Blade length is just short of 7″, total length is 11.5″.  The handle is Arizona Ironwood and mosaic pin.  There is a thong hole for added support, just add a leather strap. Price is $250 plus shipping.


SG #19-133

IMG_1361 (3)

Closeup of the blade on 19-133. Mustard finish on a 5160 steel blade.

This is an SG #19-132 AKA Cooper.  It is a 5160 blade with a Copper Bolster; full tang.  The handle is Bocote, Osage Orange and Flamewood, with mosaic pin. Price is $300 plus shipping.

IMG_1363 (3)

IMG_1364 (1)

Closeup of the blade of Cooper

IMG_1365 (1)

Closeup of the handle for SG 19-133, bucata wood, osage orange and flamewood with mosaic pin

IMG_1366 (3)

Edge profile to show the 45 degree fit and finish