IMG_2540 (1)This knife is an SG creation.  Number 19-159.  The blade is 3 1/2″, with a total length of 7 3/4″.  The blade is 1095 steel. The handle is made from Yellow and Black G10 with a blue liner.  The handle is slightly curved for more comfortable fit in your hand.  The mosaic pin makes this a classy little knife.  Comes with a leather sheath that is right hand, vertical belt carry.

Pictured below is SG #19-133, a traditional Camp Knife with a 5160 blade.  Sporting a mustard finish to make the blade rust resistant with proper care.  Blade length is just short of 7″, total length is 11.5″.  The handle is Arizona Ironwood and mosaic pin.  There is a thong hole for added support, just add a leather strap. 


This skinning knife is an SG creation, #19-137.  It is 1095 steel blade.  The handle is “mystery” burl with a blue liner.  It has three mosaic pins, and a thong hole to add to your protection while swinging this knife. Blade length is 3 3/8″, blade width is 1 1/2″ at the widest point. The blade has been edge hardened to allow some flexibility in the blade.  The handle is 4 5/8″ with a slight finger cut out for extra comfort.  Overall length of the knife is 7 7/8″.

IMG_2517 (2)


This little skinner is SG #19-160.  It is a 1095 blade with blue G10 and parawood handle.  The blade is 2 1/4″, with a total length of 6 3/4″.  It is full tang with mosaic pins for accent.  Comes with a leather sheath.  IMG_2833 (3)




Knife pictured above is Tanto #19-109.  The steel is D2, partial tang with a G10 handle and mosaic pin.  

This is SG utility knife #91.  The blade is D2 steel and the handle is myrtlewood. Blade is 4 1/4″, total length is approx. 8 1/2″.  



This is SG creation #20-170.  This one is 1095 Steel with stabilized buckeye burl at the top of the handle, with amboyna wood on the end.  It also has red and blue spacers between the woods as an accent.  The blade is just short of 3″, with an overall length of 7″.  The file work and finger cut out also help with good grip for those skinning chores.  Comes with leather sheath.  

IMG_2849 (1)





This is SG creation #100.

IMG_7816 (1)



This is “The Claw”.  Created by Goddard and Son, this blade is 440C and measures 4 1/4″.  The entire length of the knife is 8 1/2″.  The handle is Arizona Ironwood and is a full tang.  

This knife is #21-280.  It is made of 1095 steel.  The handle is Flamewood and Silky Oak with a Green G-10 spacer.  Comes with the Goddard Multi-Carry sheath.