Here is the inventory of skinning/hunting knives:

This knife is an SG creation, #21-251.  This is a skinner made from AEBL Stainless Steel. The handle is Rosewood with mosaic pins.  Price is $200 + shipping.

Includes the Goddard Multi-Carry Sheath


The next skinner # 21-249 and is a stainless blade.  Made from AEB-L Steel, this knife features a handle of Bog Oak and Pink Ivory.  This makes a striking contrast.  This full tang knife includes spaces of blue and red to set off the Pink Ivory.  Blade length is 3 7/8″, with an overall length of 8 3/4″.  Comes with the Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath.  Price is $200 + shipping.

These next two knives are very similar to each other.  Steve thinks they could be a “his & hers” combination.  They are #22-319 and 22-320.  Both are 440C Stainless Blades, with stag on the handles.  One has as little more dark color.  That is really the only difference.  Blades are 4 1/2″ long, with an overall length of 8 1/2″.  Price is $300 each.


And here is #22-320….

This is SG creation #22-315.  Blade is 1095 steel, with Koa for the handle.  Featuring blue spacers and mosaic pin.  This little gem is roughly based on the Hidden Canyon design.  The blade is approx 3 1/2″ with an overall length of 7 1/2″.  Price is $200 + shipping.



This might just be my new favorite!  This is knife #22-312.  It has CPM 3V blade of approx 4 3/4″ and a handle of Osage Orange and teel dyed, stabilized Buckeye Burl with Mosaic Star Pins.  The blue cast resin on the top of the burl makes it unique.  The overall length of this knife is 9 1/4″ and comes with the leather Goddard Multi-carry sheath.  Price is $300 + shipping.

This knife is #22-333.  This is a small nesmuk with an osage orange front and a padauk back with no spacer in between.  Blade is 80CRV2 and is approx 4″ long. This is a full tang knife.  Comes with a Leather Goddard multi-carry Sheath.  Price is $200 + shipping.