Here is the inventory of skinning/hunting knives:

This knife is an SG creation, #21-251.  This is a skinner made from AEBL Stainless Steel. The handle is Rosewood with mosaic pins.  Price is $200 + shipping.

Includes the Goddard Multi-Carry Sheath


This Knife is #22-353.  This is a Large Nesmuk.  It features an end grain black palm front and Chechen wood back end with a spacer made of copper. The blade is 5160 steel.  This knife comes with a Goddard Multi-carry Leather sheath.  Price is $200 + shipping.

This next knife is #22-378.  It is a Medium sized Nesmuk style with a blade made of 15N20 steel.  The handle is Snakewood and features mosaic pins.  The blade is 3 7/8″ and an overall length is 7 1/2″.  Price is $200 + shipping.

This knife is another Medium Nesmuk; #22-373.  The blade is 15N20 steel and the handle is Cocobolo.  Comes with a Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath.  Price is $200 + Shipping.




This knife is #22-392.  It is a Bird Trout design, with a blade of 5160 steel and a handle of Bocote, one of the hardest woods in the world.  The blade is 3″ long and has a differential heat treat.  The overall length is 8 1/4″.  The knife comes with the Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath and is priced at $200 + Shipping.

The differential heat treat line is shining up in this pic.

The differential heat treat line is shining up in this pic.