Here is the inventory of skinning/hunting knives:

This is an SG creation #20-174.  It is a full tang, medium sized Nesmuk design, made of 1095 thin stock with file work on the spine.  It has G10 in Camo colors of gray and black with mosaic pins.  Has a thong hole near the end to add your favorite lanyard. Comes with a right handed leather sheath.  Cost is $175 plus shipping.

Close up on the handle of #20-174

Next up is #19-134. This is a medium sized skinner with 1095 steel and a zebrawood handle.  This knife is just edge hardened and is full tang.  Featuring mosaic pins and a thong hole for adding a lanyard.  Cost $150 plus shipping.

This is SG #21-204.  It is a small Nesmuk with a blade of 1095 Steel and file work on the spine. Handle is beech and ironwood with red, white and blue spacers and mosaic pin.  Features the new Goddard Multi-carry leather sheath.  Blade length is 3 1/4″, with overall length of 6 1/2″.  Cost is $175.00 plus shipping.