This knife was a special order from the beginning.  Steve and the customer were looking at the piece of Beech and noticed the stain that resembled a wolf.  So, the customer commissioned it on the spot.  The wolf changed shape a little bit, as wood has a tendency to do when you start shaping and sanding, but is still there. The back side resembles a bird’s beak.

The blade is 5160 with a mustard finish and edge hardened.  The butt cap is mokume.  There is cross hatch file work on the spine and 2 mosaic pins. The third pin was custom designed to look more like an animal’s eye.  Red, white and blue spacers give the piece a patriotic touch.

This knife is #19-161. It is an SG creation. Steel is thin stock 1095. Handle is burgundy and black linen Micarta with a blue spacer. Blade length is approximately 3”, overall length of 6 1/2”.

The last of this run of Chef’s knives is SG 21-203.  It is a 15N20 blade with edge hardening and acid wash.  It is full tang with Purple Heart as the handle and featuring mosaic pin.  The blade length is 5″ and the Overall Length is 10″.

This knife is SG Creation #21-252.  This is a skinning knife with AEBL Stainless Steel and a Cocobolo handle with Red, White and Blue Spacers.  Includes the Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath.


This is SG Creation #21-285.  It is a Modified Bush Craft made from 1060 steel with a Rubberized G-10 handle of black and red.  The yellow liner gives a little pizzazz to this full tang knife.  Comes with the Goddard Multi-carry leather sheath.



This knife is #21-291; featuring a 15N20 blade with Bocote and Osage Orange handle. Osage orange appears very yellow at first, but will mellow out to a brown/red tone with age.  The red rubberized spacer helps with extra gripping power.  Blade is approx. 7″, with an overall length of 12 1/2″.

This knife is #22-296.  The blade is full tang and made from Nitro V Stainless. The handle is Purple Heart.  Blade is 5 3/4”, overall length is 11”.


This knife is #21-278.  The steel is L6 from 1974 with an acid washed finish and file work.  The handle is a textured Black & Blue G-10 with mosaic pins and a red liner.  Includes the Goddard Multi-carry sheath.

Next up is #21-277.  This knife is made from 1095 Steel with a Snakewood handle.  The blade is 3 1/4″, with an overall length of 8″.  The handle features mosaic pins and file work on the blade.  This knife comes with a Goddard Multi-carry Leather Sheath.


his knife is #21-263.  It is a Modified Tanto.  The blade is a little longer than a “regular” Tanto.  The blade is 1050 Steel and is 5″ long.  The overall length of this knife is 9 3/4″.  The handle is Osage Orange and Flamewood with Camo G-10 spacer.  This knife is full tang and features mosaic pins and a thong hole.  Comes with the Goddard Multi-carry Leather Sheath.




This is SG #19-152.  It is 1095 thin stock with a madrone burl handle and SG created pins of copper and stainless steel. Comes with a leather sheath.

This knife is #22-409.  This is the “Fighting Chef” model.  It has a blade of 14C28N Stainless with a handle of Spalted Stabilized Maple.  The blade is 6 1/2″ with an overall length of 11″.

This knife is another Medium Nesmuk; #22-373.  The blade is 15N20 steel and the handle is Cocobolo.  Comes with a Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath.


This knife is #23-449.  It is a Modified Bush Craft with Cocobolo for a handle and 5160 blade.  Full tang.