Steve has started making Chef’s knives.  He is trained as a Chef (although he would say he is just a good cook), so he has some knives he prefers.  Here are a few that have recently come out of the shop……If you find one that you can’t live without, please get in touch with us at the Contact page. Cost on Chef’s knives is $140 + shipping.

This is SG #21-200.  The blade is 15N20 with just the edge hardened.  The handle is Snakewood and beech with blue, red and maroon acrylic spacers.  Pins are mosaic.  This is a full tang knife.  Blade length is 5″ with an OAL of 10″. 

The last of this run of Chef’s knives is SG 21-203.  It is a 15N20 blade with edge hardening and acid wash.  It is full tang with Purple Heart as the handle and featuring mosaic pin.  The blade length is 5″ and the Overall Length is 10″.

Easy to see the heat treat line on this one!