Steve has started making Chef’s knives.  He is trained as a Chef (although he would say he is just a good cook), so he has some knives he prefers.  Here are a few that have recently come out of the shop……If you find one that you can’t live without, please get in touch with us at the Contact page.

This knife is #21-229.  This is a Santoku style Chef’s knife, featuring a 2-piece handle.  Steel is 15N20 and the handle is purple dyed & stabilized Buckeye and teal dyed and stabilized Maple.  Mosaic pin finishes off this classy knife. Blade is 5″, OAL 10″.  Cost is $160 + shipping.

And the last Chef’s knife currently in inventory is #21-227.  This knife is made from 1095 Steel, with a handle of Hawaiian Koa.  Finished off with mosaic pin on this full tang knife.  Blade is 7″ long and OAL is 12 1/2″.  The finish on this one makes it look like it is three dimensional.   Cost is $170 + Shipping.