This knife is #19-144.  This one is a “James Ayres” Camp Knife.  Designed by Wayne Goddard and James Ayres.  The blade is 1060 steel and is 7 1/2″ long.  The overall length is 12 3/8″.  The handle is Bocote wood.  Comes with a right handed leather sheath.


This knife is #22-313.  It is a little Bird/Trout design.  Blade made with O1 Steel and handle is Osage Orange and Paduak.  Comes with a leather Goddard Multi-carry sheath.

This knife is SG #19-157.  It is a 1095 steel blade (thin stock) with a Flamewood handle.  This is a full tang knife with mosaic pins.   The blade is 2 7/8″, with an overall length of 6 1/2″.  It comes with a leather sheath.

IMG_2856 (1)

This knife is one of our most popular designs, #22-310.  It is a Large Nesmuk with a CPM 3V Stainless blade and a Brown Palm/Madagascar Ebony handle.  Total length is 9 1/2″, blade is 4 1/2″.   Comes with a Goddard Multi-carry sheath.

This little knife is #20-168. Create by SG, it is a 1095 thin stock blade with file work on the back of the spine.  The handle is cocobolo with mosaic pin. It’s a full tang knife. The blade is 2 3/4”; overall length is approximately 6 1/2″.

This is SG #21-191.  It is a Regular Bush Craft.  Blade is 1095 Steel with file work on the spine.  The handle material is red G-10 with mosaic pins, blue liner and a thong hole.  This blade is 3 3/4″, with an overall length of 8 1/8″.  Comes with a leather sheath.

This knife is SG #20-167.  It is a 1095 blade with a handle of dyed, stabilized buckeye burl and ironwood, set off by a blue G10 spacer.  The contrast of the lighter buckeye with the darker ironwood makes a striking piece.  The blade is 3″, with the over all length of just over 6 1/2″.  Comes with leather sheath.

IMG_2853 (1)

The last of this first run of Chef’s knives is SG 21-203.  It is a 15N20 blade with edge hardening and acid wash.  It is full tang with Purple Heart as the handle and featuring mosaic pin.  The blade length is 5″ and the Overall Length is 10″.

Next up is SG #21-283.  This is a Medium Nesmuk made from L6 Steel from 1974.  This knife has file work on the spine and a handle of Koa wood.  Includes with Goddard Multi-carry leather sheath.

Next up is #20-178.  This is also an SG creation.  It is a New York Survival style camp knife.  The steel is 1095 that is edge hardened, with file work on the spine.  Handle is dyed stabilized Alder, a white spacer and Cocobolo.  Finished off with mosaic pins.  This is a style that Wayne Goddard created for many years.

This knife is SG #21-259.  This is a Modified Bush Craft with the Goddard Multi-carry Leather Sheath.  The length of the blade is approx. 4″, with an Overall Length of 9″.  Made of 1050 steel with a handle of Tan & Black G-10, and a yellow liner.


This knife is #21-258.  It is a Modified Bushcraft.  The blade is 4 1/4″, with an overall length of 9″.  The blade is 1050 Steel and the handle is Yellow & Black texturized G-10.  The Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath is included.

This knife is #21-257.  It is a Modified Bushcraft knife made with 1050 Steel and a handle of Olive Drab Camo G-10.  The blade is 4 1/2″, with an overall length of 8 1/2″.  Comes with the Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath. 

This knife is #21-266.  This is a Bushcraft style knife, made of 1095 Steel and Ebony and Black & White Ebony with a green G-10 spacer.  Includes a Goddard Multi-carry Leather Sheath.

This is an SG Bolo knife.  It is number 19-131.  The blade is 5160 steel and the handle is Arizona Ironwood with mosaic pin.

IMG_2488 (2)


This knife is an SG creation.  Number 21-264.  The steel on this knife is 1095, with a dyed stabilized Maple handle and a blue liner.  This blade is 3″ long with an Overall Length of  6 1/2″.  A Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath is included. 

21-287 Modified Bushcraft with gray & black rubberized G-10, with a cool thumb rest!

This knife is #22-294.  It is a boning knife with the blade made of Nitro V Stainless.  The handle is figured Walnut and Osage Orange.  This is a full tang knife.  The blade is 7 1/2” long.

This was a special order.  Customer came to our table and said, I want this blade, with that handle….and the result is below.  It is a Medium Nesmuk with a straight handle in Snakewood.  The blade is made of L6 and is 3 1/4″ long.  The overall length of this knife is 8 1/4″.  This knife is VERY comfortable to handle.  If you want one, we call it the KFalls Modified Nesmuk.

This knife is #22-316.  It is a WG Drop Point Hunter with a blade of 440C from the estate of Wayne Goddard and a length of 4″.  The overall length of this knife is 8 1/2″.  The handle is Buckeye Burl that has been stabilized and dyed with teel color, and Spaulted Alder.  Includes a leather Goddard Multi-carry sheath.

We call this one “The Texas Special”.  It is #22-309 and is an SG creation.  The blade is made from 440C Stainless Steel, with an Osage Orange handle and “texas” star style mosaic pins.  The blade is 7″ long with an overall length just shy of 12″.