These knives have been sold, but if you would like a similar one, just let us know.  We would be happy to create something that is just what you want.

#71 Stag handled Every Day Carry

This knife is #22-317.  This is a WG Drop Point Hunter from 440C Stainless from the estate of Wayne Goddard.  The blade is 4″ long with an overall knife length of 8 1/2″.  The handle is Ironwood Burl with teel dyed, stabilized Alder.  Comes with leather Goddard Multi-carry Sheath.

This is a Tanto SG knife #19-106.  Blade is D2, handle is a partial tang,  Arizona Ironwood with mosaic pin.  Blade is 4 1/8″, total length approx. 9″. 

This is knife #22-295.  It is a full tang knife of 1095 Steel.  The handle is purple heart and has white spacers.  Blade length is 6 1/4”.  This knife is incredibly light.



This is an SG #19-132 AKA Cooper.  It is a 5160 blade with a Copper Bolster; full tang.  The handle is Bocote, Osage Orange and Flamewood, with mosaic pin.

IMG_1363 (3)

This is an SG Knife #20-173.  It is 1095 steel (thin stock) with file work on the back for increased gripping.  The handle is snakewood and marblewood with mosaic pins.  Comes with a leather right handed sheath. 

This knife is #20-180. It is an SG creation featuring 1095 steel that has been edge hardened and acid  washed.  The blade is approximately 3 1/2” long. It has file work on the spine for extra control while working in small spaces.  The handle is Flamewood and Zebrawood with a G10 rubberized spacer for extra gripping power.  Overall length is 8 inches.

This next one is SG #21-201.  Blade is 15N20 steel that is edge hardened.  The handle is Amboyna Burl and Osage Orange with a rubberized Green G-10 spacer (for extra traction) and mosaic pins.  The blade is 6″ and OAL is 10 3/4″.Chef's knife #21-201

This is SG knife #21-202.  It has a 15N20 Blade that is 6″ in length. The handle is Koa wood featuring mosaic pin.  The Overall Length is 10 5/8″.  The blade is just edge hardened and has been acid washed to bring out the heat treat line.

This first knife is #21-199.  This is a full tang knife made of 15N20 Steel and edge hardened.  The handle is amboyna burl and stabilized dyed maple with a blue & red spacer and mosaic pins.  The blade is just under 5″, with an Over All Length (OAL) of 10″.

First up is SG #20-179.  This is a Modified Bush Craft.  The blade is 1095 steel with file work on the back.  Blade is 5 1/4″, with overall length at 10 1/4″.  The file work is still “rough” on the edge, so that you can use it to help start your fire.  The handle is Koa wood; attached with mosaic pin. Comes with a leather sheath.

This is SG #21-198.  It is 1095 Steel, edged hardened with a rock polish.  There is file work on the back spine and it is full tang. The handle is gray and tan G-10 with a red liner.  Steve has also cut in some extra finger grips on both sides of the handle.

This is a large camp knife, created by SG.  Number is #19-145.  The steel is 1060.  The handle is ironwood burl with mosaic pin and a thong hole to add a lanyard of your choice.  Note the beautiful swirls in the wood.

This knife is 21-265.  It is a Small Nesmuk.  The blade is 3″ long, with an overall length of 6 3/8″. The blade is 1095 steel.  The handle is Black & White Ebony with mosaic pins and a thong hole.  It is full tang with a small amount of file work to keep your thumb in control of the blade.  Comes with the Goddard Multi-Carry Leather Sheath.

This is knife #22-311.  It is our most popular model “The small Nesmuk” with a blade of 01 steel and a handle of Mexican Kingwood and Blonde Koa.  The blade is approx 3 3/4″, overall length is 7 1/4″.  This knife comes with the Goddard Multi-Carry sheath.