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This is an SG gentleman’s steak knife #19-112.  The blade is ATS 34 (stainless) and the handle is full tang, purpleheart with mosaic pin.  The blade is approx. 3 1/2″, the total length is 7 1/2″.   Price is $150 plus shipping.

Closeup of the SG blade #19-112

Closeup of the purpleheart and mosaic pin on knife #19-112

This is SG knife #19-154.  It is a small EDC with a unique blade shape.  Blade is 1095 thin stock and is full tang.  The handle is G10 and Osage Orange with mosaic pins.  Includes leather sheath. Cost is $175.00  plus shipping.

This is SG creation #20-163.  It is an Everyday Carry Mini, made of 1095 thin steel, with a handle of ironwood and blue G-10. It has a red G-10 spacer and mosaic pins.  It is a full tang knife with file work for extra grip.  Cost is $150 plus shipping and comes with the leather sheath shown below.

This is SG #19-152.  It is 1095 thin stock with a madrone burl handle and SG created pins of copper and stainless steel. Comes with a leather sheath. Cost is $140 + shipping.

Next up is SG #20-186.  This  blade is 8670 steel and has file work on the spine.  The handle is dyed stabilized maple with mosaic pin.  Leather sheath included. Cost is $150 + shipping.