Thank you for visiting our site.  Goddard Knife Works is the business of Steve Goddard, son of Wayne Goddard.  Wayne was very active in the knife community for over 50 years. He taught Steve most of what he knows about knives, and Steve is carrying on the family tradition of making useful, traditional knives.

Wayne’s passion was also to teach others what he had learned over the years.  We have a large stock of Wayne’s books and DVD’s for purchase.  If you have a special request, please feel free to use the contact form to send us an email.





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  1. I recently purchased a Wayn Goddard #15-1 folder. I have been looking for one for years. But I fell in love with ODINS CLAW. I’ll keep searching for one. This is one beautiful knife.

    • Congratulations, Alex! That’s awesome news. And thank you for being our first “follower” on our blog page. 🙂

  2. Are there any ODINS CLAW knives available?

    • The Odins Claw is the basis for the design that Wayne used to collaborate with Spyderco. So, the answer to your question is, “sorta”. 🙂 We still have some of the collaboration knives left and would be happy to send one to you. The original Wayne Goddard Odins Claw knives are out of stock. You might be able to find one occasionally on the custom knife seller and auction websites.

      Thanks for the question and please forgive me for the late response. I didn’t notice a new message on the website.

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