Wayne Goddard started making knives in the 1960’s.  He was a full time knife maker by 1963.  Steve made his first knife in his father’s shop in the mid 1970’s as a teenager.  After high school, Steve went to work in a wood mill, while Wayne continued making knives and started writing and teaching others how to make knives.  Wayne wrote the question and answer column for Blade Magazine for many years.

In the 1990’s, Wayne worked on a collaboration with Spyderco, Inc to manufacture a line of knives.  There were 17 variations of this classic line produced, in 3 different sizes.  The last knife style was manufactured in 2013(?).

Wayne was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and eventually, dementia.  He worked in his shop with Steve again for about 3 years from 2013 – 2016.  Wayne passed away 11/14/2018.

WG is the iconic symbol found on Wayne Goddard Handmade Knives.  The father and son created a line of “Goddard & Son” knives during the time that the two of them were back in the shop together.  Currently, Goddard Knife Works has two lines.  The first is stamped with “SWG”.  These are knives that Wayne started and put in a drawer.  These are now being finished by Steve.  The second line is stamped with “SG”.  These knives are created start to finish by Steve Goddard.

Goddard Knife Works is proud to continue the work of producing knives for the fisherman, hunter and everyday carry markets.