After last year’s wonderful reception in Cody, we decided to stay longer and sell at TWO events.  Wow!  How Fun!  We participated in “Wild West Art Fest” where everything has to be handmade (Not a problem for us!)  The crowds were fun. We learned a lot about having an outdoor event (this one was our first).

Cody puts on a parade each day over the weekend….and a SPECTACULAR fireworks show over the town.  Wow!  It was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  Better than the Eugene Pro Rodeo, better than Portland, EVEN better than Disney!

We had a couple of days “off” between the Art Fest and the Winchester Arms Collectors Association Show.  So, we went to the Buffalo Bill museum.  There are several more museums in town, so we will need to have a few more “down days” to see them all.

A BIG Thank You to all the customers this year.  We would love to return next year (depending on the economy and gas prices, etc).

Thank you, Cody.  You made us feel welcome and we enjoyed our stay!